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Project Description
LinqExtender is a toolkit for building custom LINQ providers. It provides an abstracted layer over the original IQyeryable and IQueryProvider implementation and provides a simplified syntax tree.


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Getting Started
Download the to get going for building custom providers. Dont forget to take a look at the readme.txt.

Development Pack-contains
  1. VSI installer that will create an extender startup project.
  2. LinqExtender.dll , if you want to do things on your own.
  3. Example custom provider, which is OpenLinqToSql ORM that works with Sql server.

Note: visual studio project template is installed under documents/Visual Studio 2008/Templates/ProjectTemplates folder.

Please check out the gettting started documentation under release page.

To get more idea about LINQ providers, you can also check my blog at, where i tried to make couple of posts regarding LINQ providers.

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